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WIth years of experience in the fitness and coaching industry I have developed a really simple but very effective training program, Lean Definition Training - (LDT). Quite simply LDT uses traditional workout methods along with a balanced and realistic meal guide in order to deliver amazing body and life transformations. LDT doesn't include pills, skinny teas or supplements but all programmes consist of proper nutrition and regular exercise which will allow you to see the results that you want. I will work with you to help you find a new, healthier way of eating that fits in with your lifestyle and is sustainable for life. For a fitness partner you can trust forever, Just know that CJ delivers!


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Our Services

As a fully qualified fitness professional, I offer a wide range of fitness related activities to help individuals take steps towards a more active and healthier lifestyle, in a fun and engaging manner:


If this is your goal, then exercise is only part of the solution. Changing the way you eat, combined with an effective exercise programme, will help you to lose the weight and keep it off.

One To One Training

Personal Training sessions are designed specifically for you. Whatever your current level of fitness, health or confidence is, we will work with and motivate you to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Sports Specific Training

Using modern day knowledge and years of experience I am more than competent in creating highly effective and beneficial training programs/services for individual results and personal gains

Nutritional Guidance

This usually starts with a free 1-2-1 consultation to devise a specifically tailored eating and diet plan for you. We will help you to make gradual changes to your diet, which will help you to lose weight and improve your overall health.


Real people, real results

Listen to what our clients have to say

“After months of trying to lose belly fat I decided to give CJ fitness program a chance. At first it was harder than I expected but routinely, I've seen results in a month and half that I've been trying to attain for nearly a year. For that I say thanks. ”

- Jahlenta

“I dropped two jean sizes, I am more confident now and I love how my clothes fit.”

Sheniele P.

“ You are great as a trainer, very flexible which works perfect for me and even when I can't see you, you always text and keep up to date with everything. The sessions kill me but in a good way and you push me which is great. I'm happiest with you because your very flexible, hard working and passionate about what you do and it comes through in your sessions.”

Holly Asher

“My go to trainer for results, keeps me in shape and very passionate, understanding and gives me the drive I need!”

Michelle Thomas

“So this losing weight thing was getting to me, the scales were my worst enemy. Today I stood on them and found out I lost a couple pounds sometimes you need a little motivation to get the results you want sometimes you lose sight of what's important and your goals sometimes you need the right people around you thank you CJ”



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